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EZ-Zone PM Express Temperature Controller

Part Number PM
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EZ-Zone PM Express Temperature Controller
EZ-ZONE PM Express Controller
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1/32 DIN [+$170.85]
1/16 DIN [+$188.70]
Primary Function
PID Controller
Power Supply
100 to 240 VAC
20 to 28 VAC or 12 to 40 VDC [+$30.00]
Output 1 and 2 Hardware Option
CA = Switched dc/open collector / None
CH = Switched dc/open collector / NO-ARC 15A power control [+$30.00]
CC = Switched dc/open collector / Switched dc [+$22.00]
CJ = Switched dc/open collector / Mechanical relay 5A, Form A [+$26.00]
CK = Switched dc/open collector / SSR Form A, 0.5A [+$22.00]
EA = Mechanical relay 5A, Form C / None [+$26.00]
EH = Mechanical relay 5A, Form C / NO-ARC 15A power control [+$56.00]
EC = Mechanical relay 5A, Form C / Switched dc [+$26.00]
EJ = Mechanical relay 5A, Form C / Mechanical relay 5A, Form A [+$51.00]
EK = Mechanical relay 5A, Form C / SSR Form A, 0.5A [+$47.00]
FA = Universal process / None [+$34.00]
FC = Universal process / Switched dc [+$34.00]
FJ = Universal process / Mechanical relay 5A, Form A [+$60.00]
FK = Universal process / SSR Form A, 0.5A [+$56.00]
AK = None / SSR Form A, 0.5A [+$22.00]
KH = SSR Form A, 0.5A / NO-ARC 15A power control [+$51.00]
KK = SSR Form A, 0.5A / SSR Form A, 0.5A [+$43.00]
Additional Options
Std. EZ-Zone PM Face Plate
No Watlow Logo - No EZ Zone Logo (please allow 7-10 business days)

The EZ-ZONE PM Express panel mount controller is an industry-leading PID controller that allows optimal performance utilizing simple control and menu functionality without complex features. It is ideal for basic applications and usage levels.

The EZ-ZONE PM Express is the next generation controller to follow the legacy of Watlow's SERIES 93, SERIES 935 AND SERIES SD controllers that offer easy-to-use features for many basic applications. The EZ-ZONE PM Express includes one universal input and an option for up to two outputs and is available in 1⁄32 and 1⁄16 DIN panel mount packages. It can be ordered as a PID process controller or as a dedicated over and under-temperature limit controller.

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